Diva in Denial by Lacey Savage

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419916915

Reviewed by:  Vivian


Advice columnist Ava finally takes a dose of her own advice.  She gets rid of her cheating husband and makes a change in her life.  She heads to her cottage in the mountains for some peace and quiet.   When she finds a large wolf on her bed, she freaks out.  But when the wolf’s owner shows up, she is even more confused.

Her reaction to Devlin is instant and primal.  She does not expect to get involved with someone so quickly.  But Devlin is not one to take no for an answer.  Little does she know that the wolf isn’t his pet, but really is him.  Will his true identity be something she can handle?

Diva in Denial is an interesting take on the shapeshifter stories.  Devlin is truly an alpha male who wants this woman.  Ava is filled with so much baggage because of her ex-husband that she really takes a leap of faith and gets in this relationship with Devlin.  There is a secondary story here with Devlin’s brother that I hope Ms. Savage will write.  He really needs his own story too.  I enjoyed Diva in Denial and I think you will too.



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