Devilís Playground by Arianna Hart

Samhain Publishing

Sensual Suspense

ISBN 978-1-59998-802-3

Reviewed by Nannette



Devlin ďMacĒ McDougal is an undercover FBI agent. Mac has been disguising himself as a drug dealer to get in with a gang called Satanís Children. The FBI thinks that local law enforcement is mixed up in it so Mac canít trust anyone, even his partner. He gets shot when his cover is blown and ends up hiding under Caitlyn OíTooleís car. Lucky for Mac, Caitlyn is an ER nurse and knows how to help him. Mac is best friends and partners with Caitlynís brother Tom. Tom, along with his brothers Liam and Jim, have warned Mac to stay away from Caitlyn. But a guy can still look right?  Caitlynís brothers want her to stay away from Mac and Mac himself has told her that his not a settle down kind of guy but she still wants him. When the bad guys get Caitlyn, theyíll have to put their differences aside to save her.

Caitlyn has her hands full with three overprotective brothers. As a result of that over protectiveness, sheís tough and independent. Mac is very sexy and very guarded. Caitlyn makes him feel things he thought he never would. The sexual tension between them is almost as good as the sex.  Devilís Playground has action, hot sex and an exciting storyline.  Devilís Playground ends with the beginning of a new story, and it looks great!



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