Destined for Two by Trista Ann Michaels

Entwined Fates, Book 3

Loose Id

Erotic Futuristic

ISBN: 978-1-59632-678-1

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Kings Keenas and Jorel have been searching for their bride for a very long time. Married to her since she was an infant, the twins have searched far and wide to find her.  When word comes that the missing princess might have been found, the brothers do not hesitate to travel to her planet in order to bring her home where she belongs. 

Rhianna was orphaned as a child and ended up being raised by Devon, a thief, and now she works in their bar.  When two men show up claiming she is their long lost wife and a future queen, Rhianna thinks they are crazy.  Evidently she is correct because Rhianna finds herself kidnapped and whisked away to a new life. 

As far as romance goes, Destined for Two has that and more.  Keenas and Jorel were fully aware of Rhianna’s questions and concerns and were therefore willing to give her time to accept and come to grips with her new life.  She was destined to be the queen to their kings but getting her to accept this was the challenge. 

I adore Trista Ann Michaels’ ménages! Destined for Two is original and well written.  The characters are realistic and could be anyone.  The love scenes are emotional and sensuous.  Destined for Two is worthy of any keeper self, most especially mine!


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