Demonís Portal by Elyssa Lynne

Torrid Tarot Ė Ace of Wands

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419911675

Reviewed by Amelia



Sharla Reid leads an uneventful life working for a museum. When she pulls the Ace of Wands from a tarot card at a museum fundraiser, she laughs. The Ace of Wands represents a new endeavor, personal power and fulfillment. Sharla knows those things donít have anything to do with her life.


But when she heads home that night she comes across a man dressed in a kilt, pursued by demon hounds. She learns that his name is Kerrick, and he comes from another realm, seeking her help to keep the demons from invading his world, and hers.


Kerrick and Sharla team together to find the key that will close the portal and protect against the demon attack. In the process they find each other, and a love that transcends worlds.


Demonís Portal is a great blend of fantasy and romance. I always love a man in a kilt, and when heís swinging a sword itís even better. I enjoyed watching Sharla grow, from a woman who thought a size 12 was fat to a woman fighting to protect her world, and the world of her ancestors and new lover.


Watching Kerrick and Sharla fall in love was satisfying, and hot. Lovers of fantasy will enjoy Demonís Portalís blend of action and romance. It is a fascinating world that would lend itself well to other stories.


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