Demonic Desires by Desiree Acuna

New Concepts Publishing

Paranormal Dark Erotica

ISBN 978-1-60394-203-4

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Kally goes to the Empire Hotel to avenge the death of her relative.  For years there have been countless unsolved murders at the hotel dating back to the early 1800ís when it was first built.  Kally suspects there is something unusual involved and sets out to investigate.  What she finds is the gorgeous, mysterious owner of the hotel, Aziel Empire, a man that she is wildly attracted to.  The question is what way is Aziel connected to murders?  

Aziel has his own agenda, and he is not quite what he appears to be either.   No matter how strongly attracted he is to Kally, Aziel canít afford to be distracted; too bad everything is easier said than done.

Demonic Desires was so hot it burned my retinas!   Aziel knows his way around a womanís body to the point that too many orgasms could prove fatal.  Ms. Acuna resolves this problem with scorching results.  On a scale from 1 to 10, the sex rocked the hotter-than-hell meter to a 15!

The plot is pretty firm.  Ms. Acuna doesnít rely on body-shattering sex to carry the story.  Kally is interesting, a bit reckless, and has both experience and abilities to back up her choices and near misses.  Azielís seductiveness and addictive intensity are administered in just the right dose.  I appreciated the crash and burn whenever Kally and Aziel collided; their encounters were as elemental as a typhoon.    The only weak point I could name was the villain, simply because it seemed to me he didnít present much of a challenge.  This book offered surprises and thrills, along with a few moments of rather graphic violence that will definitely keep lovers of dark paranormal erotica on the edge.



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