Davinís Quest by Bianca DíArc

Resonance Mates, Book 2

Samhain Publishing

Romantic SciFi-Futuristic, Red Hots!

ISBN: 1-59998-457-1

Reviewed by Jambrea



Davin is the Chief Engineer on Earth after the Alvian invasion. He is unlike the other Alvians because he can feel emotions.  If Davin doesnít find his Resonance Mate soon, his emotions will drive him mad.  Could one of the Earth women be his mate?  Will he find out before it is too late?

Callie OíHara is one of the survivors of the Alvian invasion.  She, like most of the survivors, has a special gift.  Will Callieís empathic gifts be enough to help her choose a mate?  Will she need to choose?

Rick St. John is a survivor who has lost everything, but his will to go on.  Could Callie be his light in the dark?

Can the three save each other and Earth as well?

Davinís Quest is an intense and raw read.  Emotion makes up a big part of Davinís Quest and Bianca DíArc manages to pull that emotion out of a race with none.  Ms. DíArc made her characters come alive for me.  I could feel Davinís intense need for emotion in his life.  When he first met Callie, I could feel his hope.  Callie is the backbone and heart of the story.  She gave me hope that all was not lost with the world.  I could feel the struggles that Rick had to go through and my heart went out to him.  These three characters were wonderfully written by Ms. DíArc and Iím glad there are more books to come.  Davinís Quest is the second book in the Resonance Mates series, but it can be read as a stand alone.  I know that I want to go back and take a look at the first book that brought about Davinís Quest!



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