Consequences Rendered by Heather Holland

Heads or Tayles Series, Book 1

Twilight Fantasies - Closed

Futuristic/Sci-Fi (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-934495-10-0

Reviewed by Sabella



Jonas Phatos has been on the run so long that death is looking like the best escape from the hell his life has become but he still won’t stop looking for a chance to escape.  When the chance presents itself Jonas takes it – but it all seems too easy but Jonas is not going to look for reasons not to take his chance to escape.  Adrift in an escape pod Jonas has resigned himself to death when his life support gives out. When rescue comes unexpectedly, Jonas grabs at the chance offered to him with both hands.  Will Corbin Thasien be Jonas’ salvation or his doom?

Consequences Rendered is a fun sci-fi tale that hints at a larger story that I hope is continued in further books in the series.  Jonas and Corbin are tender and strong men who find in each other what they are missing in their lives.  Consequences Rendered is a good read for a quick break on a day you want to escape reality; however, be warned that this book ends in a huge cliff-hanger. I really liked Consequences Rendered and I will be looking for the next book in the series to see how the story of Jonas and Corbin continues to unfold.



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