Conquering Connie by Madison Layle and Anna Leigh Keaton

Incognito, Book 8

Cobblestone Press

Erotic Interracial BDSM

ISBN 978-1-60088-201-2

Reviewed by Nannette



Tyrone Allen is a bartender at the BDSM club Incognito and his cousin Alex works security.   Connie Monroe is a submissive who plays with a few of the Masters at the club. When a scene goes bad and a Master ends up dead, Connie is changed. Ty and Alex have wanted Connie for a long while and they think now is the perfect time to claim her. She needs them, and they intend to show her just how much.

Conquering Connie’s storyline is good. When Tyrone and Alex claim Connie, it becomes even better. Ty and Alex are hot, sexy, and dominant. They are tender lovers but still give Connie the commanding hand she craves. Connie is at first brazen and confident then she becomes introverted and sad. Ty and Alex bring her back to life. Conquering Connie is very hot and very romantic.



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