Conjuring Cal by Buffi BeCraft-Woodall


Historical/ Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 978-1-906590-52-9

Reviewed by Tanya



Gennie Pendragon, descendent of Merlin and those of King Arthurís court, knows magic is in her blood.  She has seen first-hand the good and the destruction that it can work.  But is she ready for the true Excalibur?  She thinks not and has decided to dedicate her life to the gentle man-boys of the Camelot House.   What she hasnít counted on is Cal being brought into her life and the havoc this might bring.  But sometimes havoc also brings love and mercy.

Cal and Gennie will only have four days together. Will it be enough? What will happen if it isnít?  Surely there are some benefits from being good and just?

What a thoroughly interesting take on what the decedents of the King Arthur family and friends might be like today, especially if the main characters have not really aged.  In Conjuring Cal, you are faced with how these characters might have adapted and how their legends and people might fit into today.  I enjoyed how Ms. BeCraft-Woodall incorporated the gentle ďspecialĒ people in with the magical people of legends.  I was rooting for Gennie to have what she wanted and deserved from the first time that Cal showed up.  You will find lots of twists and turns in Conjuring Cal, but I think you, as I did, will wind up smiling as the story unfolds. 



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