Commanding Kat by Reese Gabriel

Elloraís Cave

Erotic BDSM

ISBN: 9781419915871

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Kat is a lawyer and used to being in control.  She has dreams in the dead of the night of being controlled by a Master.  Telling her friend these dreams, Katís friend encourages her to join a sex club.  Kat meets with the club owner but the meeting goes badly.  It isnít until Kat sneaks into the ĎRedí room and watches Master J dominate a sub that she understands that her dreams are more than fantasies Ė they are yearning for the mastery that only Master J can giver her.

Master J, or rather, Chase Neill, knows that to tell Kat who he is will mess up everything he has strived to achieve with her.  When she finds out anyway just who he is, Kat is furious.  She wants to sever all ties to Chase but he refuses to allow that to happen.  After all, she may not admit it out loud but in her heart, he is still her master.

Reese Gabriel simply amazes me with every book he writes.  Commanding Kat is no exception.  It engaged my senses and took control of my emotions. I wanted to BE Kat more than once but alas, Master Jís heart belonged to Kat and his nurturing of it was just magnificent.  Commanding Kat is a keeper in my opinion.  I loved it. 


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