Cold Fire by Nicole Gestalt



ISBN: 978-1-59426-828-1

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Alice runs away from her cruel master during the winter solstice.  She is hunted by his men and chased into the woods.  Kevalan travels to various planes, bringing ice and cold.   When he hears noise, he ventures out to investigate and saves Alice from her pursuers by bringing her back to his ice palace.  Something about Alice warms his heart, since for many years he has been alone.  He hopes to convince her to stay.   Alice is drawn to the mysterious and handsome Kevalan but can she trust the one called Maiden-eater by her people? 

Cold Fire carries the innocent feel of a fairytale.   Thereís magic and whimsy, ice that doesnít melt, an injured maiden and an alluring hero to care for her.  Alice is victimized, but she shows courage.  Ms. Gestalt mildly hints at Kevalanís dark side, after all, he is winterís personification, Jack Frost.  There is an air of tragedy about him, which was definitely part of his appeal.  Each time Alice warms his heart, sheís able to adapt to his cold world.   In turn, Kevalan offers her tenderness, passion and the free will to remain or not.  This is a sweet love story for anyone that enjoys a touch of eroticism with their romance.



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