Civil Liberties by JJ Massa

Torquere Press

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60370-338-3, 1-60370-338-1

Reviewed by Ley



Christian, a police officer who’s still in the closet, is instantly attracted to the older man he’s seen at the bar he’s been frequenting.  Jumping at the invitation to take him home, their hot passionate night together was more than Christian could have ever imagined and sadly it’s only for one night.  When Christian’s job has him meeting with the District Attorney’s Office, Christian is shocked to see the man who has been invading his mind sitting across from in the D.A.’s chair.

D.A. Denton O’Connor also keeps his sexual orientation private. Denny very rarely finds himself wanting a person, male or female, more than once but he too couldn’t keep his mind or his body from remembering his night with Christian.  Determined to avoid the complications a relationship brings, Denny tries to stay away from Christian but tragedy leads him to be by Christian’s side.

Civil Liberties is a very emotional story, especially where Christian is concerned.  Denny’s very dominate personality is welcomed by Christian who loves how Denny steps in to take care of him during a time when Christian needed to feel cared for and loved.  Unfortunately Denny’s fear of commitment and both men still being in the closet causes a lot of pain for them.  I liked Civil Liberties; it’s an enjoyable story that really tugged on my heartstrings.



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