Catch a Falling Star by Allyson James

Torrid Tarot

Ellora’s Cave

Menage a trois or More / Gay / Futuristic

ISBN: 9781419916960

Reviewed by:  Vivian



After crash landing on an undiscovered planet, Lea discovers a very different world with no technology, people covered in tattoos and a gorgeous king.

Lea finds herself falling in love with the king and his lover.  But the planet is suffering because their natural shielding is failing.  But Lea is faced with a very difficult decision – restore the shield and be stranded on the planet, or escape and leave the men she is falling in love with to their death.

Catch a Falling Star takes you on a trip to this strange and interesting world where men and women value sexual pleasure and have no qualms about it.  The story that unfolds with these three characters is well written.  Lea’s hesitation to get involved with them is very believable.  But once she does, oh boy, it steams up the pages.  Thane and Deon are wonderful together and including Lea really cemented their triad.  Solving the mystery of the ailing planet adds another dimension to the story that will leave you captivated and wondering what will they do to fix it.  Catch a Falling Star is one that will hook you from the start and won’t let you put it down and if you like your books really spicy, this is the one for you.



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