Carnal Deceptions by Scottie Barrett

Samhain Publishing

Historical Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-601-9

Reviewed by Shayna



After a swindler takes her fatherís fortune and leaves Tess Starling an orphan, all that is left for the young woman are her fatherís creditors banging at the door and a marriage proposal from an exceedingly seedy man.  To avoid debtorís prison, Tess disguises her beauty and becomes Hortensia, a homely-looking companion to Lady Stadwell.  When fate drops the opportunity for revenge against the swindler who destroyed her life falls into her lap, Tess is determined to take it.  She rids herself of her drab disguise and transforms herself into the perfect seductress.  Thereís just one problemÖ

Tallon, the Earl of Marcliffe, has been searching for the opportunity to bring down the man who stole his auntís fortune.  When he meets his auntís new companion, Tallon is wary, but cannot help but be drawn to ďHortensia.Ē  Then Tess throws off her disguise, and Tallon is determined to see the temptress land in no manís bed but his own.

I must admit, I sometimes arbitrarily pick up books because I love the covers.  Carnal Deceptions is one of those cases, but I am happy to report that this is one book that can be judged by its cover Ė both are wonderful.  Carnal Deceptions is a meltingly sexy romp with a swoon-worthy hero and a focused, intelligent heroine.  I felt connected to the characters and understood Tessís hunger for revenge at any cost to herself.  Even so, I cheered on Tallon as he tried to both protect and seduce her.  Carnal Deceptions is not without its lighthearted moments either.  Even days after reading it, I find myself still smiling over Tessís troublesome disguise, and I leave it to readers to find out for themselves the complications of wearing fake eyebrows.  Loosen your stays and break out your fans because Scottie Barrett delivers.


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