Carjacked by Liz Craven

New Concepts Publishing

Romantic Comedy

ISBN: 1-58608-982-X

Reviewed by Sabella



Lilly is on the run and on her own.  She’s trying to make her way to her only chance of safety, but with her pursuers at her heels, she might have to resort to extreme measures.  So, when she gets off the bus in the middle of nowhere and sees her pursuers’ right behind her, Lilly decides to “borrow” a car she sees on the lot of the local dinner.  However, when Lilly’s making her getaway, mostly undetected, the owner of the car jumps in the car and refuses to get out.  Now, Lilly needs to decide what to do about this stubborn man without involving him in the danger that she’s in.

Jack has so far been having a pretty routine day, but it’s only breakfast so things could change.  When he sees his car being driven out the lot of the diner while being driven by the pretty woman he had spotted earlier, Jack does the only thing he can – he jumps into the passenger seat.  Now, Jack can tell that this woman is in trouble, but if he can get her to trust him maybe Jack could help.  Things could hardly be any worse with him along, what with her being so accident prone and her utter lack of sense of direction. Jack figures having him along is a step up for her.

Now, they just need to avoid hired killers, Lilly’s propensity to injure Jack and Mother Nature’s surprises while they’re on the road.

I have to say that I never would have picked up Carjacked had I been left to my own devices, but I have to say it would have been my loss. Carjacked is hilarious and a perfect book for an afternoon when you are looking for a light read.  Lilly finds herself in the extraordinary situation of having to run from a murderer; while Jack plays the knight in shining armor.  Both of them are incredibly entertaining and fun and their chemistry is unmistakable.  Carjacked is a great book that reads along the lines of a wonderful chick-flick; fun and engaging.  Get Carjacked for a day when you want mindless entertainment that also packs plenty of steamy moments.


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