Caribbean Heat by Remmy Duchene

Red Rose Publishing

Contemporary (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-60435-142-2

Reviewed by Sabella



Tao Drakes is a detective in the Ontario PD and he has been on the trail of a serial killer that, at first, targeted up and coming young women but has now moved on to gay men.  When he traces the man to Jamaica things get hot in more ways than one…

Caribbean Heat is an average romantic suspense story with a light plot and a predictable ending peppered with erotic breaks between the leading men.  Both Tao and Ken, Tao’s love interest, felt a little one dimensional and I felt that they didn’t act in a credible manner declaring “deep love” after a day’s acquaintance.    The sensual scenes between Tao and Ken were hot, but they felt glossed over as the heat builds up but the action is quickly described in “rosy” romantic terms. Tao and Ken have known vulnerabilities but none are explored as the story ends before anything can be explored.  Also, the book as a whole could have used some polishing by some thorough editing to catch discrepancies within the narrative as the plot and characters promise to be interesting, if explored further.  Caribbean Heat is a read for a day you are looking for a distraction from everyday life, but not an engrossing read.



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