Bump and Grind by Lorne Rodman

Torquere Press

Gay Contemporary

Reviewed by Cassie



Professor Martin Bale was roped into going with a group of his female students as “protection” for a birthday outing.  They take him to a club that’s having an all-male strip show.  He’s terribly embarrassed by the screaming women and his attraction to one of the dancers, who seems to pay special attention to him.  After the show, the dancer, Lonnie, asks him out for a drink.  Will Martin take a chance?

Bump and Grind is a hot, funny tale.  Martin’s clumsiness and uncertainty were endearing and amusing.  Lonnie just took Martin’s nervousness in stride, and I liked the way the two men complemented each other.  There wasn’t a whole lot of character development or a complicated conflict here, but even so I got a very good sense of each man’s basic self.  Several times I found myself laughing out loud, and other times I needed a fan!  Lorne Rodman packed a lot of entertainment into this little “sip.”  If you’re in the mood for a quick fix of gay romance that will leave you smiling, pick up Bump and Grind



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