Borderline by D. J. Manly

eXtasy Books

M/M Future

ISBN: 1-55410-745-8

Reviewed by Ley


At the age of 21, Dominic was privileged, engaged to be married, confused and very unhappy.  As the son of a senator, he was expected to marry into a good family and produce an heir, but before fulfilling his obligations, Dominic wanted to be true to himself if only for one night.  After meeting Andre Jarvis, a laborer of a lower social status hired to prepare Dominic's backyard for his upcoming wedding, Dominic finds himself crossing the border of his gated community in hopes of seeing the man again.

Andre, felt something between Dominic and himself, he knew it couldn't amount to anything but he wasn't able to stop himself from giving Dominic his phone number in hopes that he would call.   Falling in love with him was definitely not part of the plan, but from the first kiss Andre knew it was unavoidable.

Borderline was a terrific story about social status and being true to ones self.  Andre and Dominic found something special between them but it was doomed before it started.  Dominic fell in love with Andre but he was too afraid to oppose his father to pursue Andre for more than physical gratification.  The pressure to live up to the life his father mapped out for him, which included marrying his childhood friend and fathering their son, was too much for Dominic to overcome.  In the midst of being what others needed him to be he was losing himself and turning into someone he could no longer look in the mirror and recognize.  Andre knew it was a mistake to get involved with Dominic but he couldn't help himself.  He tried desperately to move on, but Dominic was hard for him to forget.  Like any good love story Borderline has angst that will make your heart hurt and beautiful tender moments of loving that will have you shedding a few tears.


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