Bone Deep by Summer Alan

Cobblestone Press


ISBN: 978-1-60088-196-1

Reviewed by Zayn



Hailey is a flight attendant who was just dumped by her pilot boyfriend.  Heartbroken and standing in the rain, who comes to her rescue but his best friend Kevin. 

Kevin has had the hots for Hailey from the time he met her.  She might me newly single but hes making his move.  Can he survive the rebound curse and build something lasting with Hailey after one night of passion?

Bone Deep is a typical story of a girl falling for the sweet lies of a no-good man. I was not bored for a second!  When the right man came along Hailey more than made up for wasted time and with a little kink too.  Summer Alan has a winner, I really enjoyed Bone Deep.


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