Black Wolf by Jade Buchanan

Del Fantasma

Aspen Mountain Press

Paranormal M/M

ISBN:  978-1-60168-080-8

Reviewed by Cassie



Tabby cat shapeshifter Adam Bates is having a rough time.  After being beaten badly, heís late for work and afraid heíll lose his job.  When he arrives at Del Fantasma to work, however, he meets werewolf Marcus.  Marcus seems to be interested, and Cody seems to be matchmaking, but can there be any future for a cat and a dog?

Black Wolf is a quick, cute tale of two incredibly different men who turned out to be perfect for each other.  Adam, who was young and alternated between being timid and tough, was adorable.  I also liked gruff, prickly Marcus.  The scenes between them were hot.  Iíve enjoyed every Del Fantasma installment Iíve read, and Black Wolf was no exception.



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