Bella Mia by Mandy M. Roth

Daughter of Darkness, Book 3

New Concepts Publishing

Urban Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60394-206-5

Reviewed by Jo



Gwyneth (Gwen) Stevens is still trying to work her way through all that she has learned of her past life, an old life that is intersecting with her current one, especially with the men, including her father, who were in her life.  Right now she is hiding in the open with Giovanni Baldassare.  He had a major part in her death, or so he says, but she canít remember it.  He opened his house to her and has only offered friendship in return with no more stress.  It doesnít help that he is a very sexy vampire.

Gwen has a lot of stress now with her father pressing for her to go through with her betrothal to Caleb and itís hard to tell the King of the Dark Realm no.  Plus thereís Pallo, a vampire who was made because of her, or so she is told, and who tried to change her in order to save her life.  Danger not only surrounds Gwen and her men while she is trying to put all the pieces back together, but it appears that there is going to be one other man in her life.  There has been a lot of secrets and determination to change fate going on in the Dark Realm. By the time Gwen has all the pieces together, she just may lose her soul-mate, the one fate always meant for her. 

Bella Mia is the third and final chapter in the Daughter of Darkness series, or so I think.  As such, I was happy to see just about all the loose ends not only tied up, but also to find that almost everyone was going to eventually gain their happy ending.  However, in saying that, I wish that one character had gotten her correct ending.  Gwen learned a lot about her previous life and her loves within it.  But what she is being told just is not making sense to her when placed against what she feels.  While I will say that Gwen receives her happy ever after, I wonít say with whom as I think it would give away too much.  Bella Mia is an erotic paranormal with the correct mix of suspense, mystery, romance, and other things that make it an urban fantasy.  Ms. Roth has again given us a book that will hold you in its grip just because you need to know what is going to happen next.

I have to agree with Ms. Roth that you should read this series in order or you will just be very confused with all the characters and plot.  I even had to stop and go back and skim them in the middle of reading this as it had been a while and I needed to refresh a few things before completing Bella Mia.


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