Bejeweled and Bedeviled by Tiffany Bryan

Ellora's Cave

Erotic, BDSM

ISBN: 9781419915703

Reviewed by Erys



Kayden is a successful business woman, and as such is always in control. Something about submitting to a man sexually intrigues her, but she fears losing her precious control. When circumstances prevent her from refusing to try the submissive lifestyle, she fights very hard to retain her control, even while learning that sometimes it's better not to maintain it.

From a few lengthy emails preparing for their meeting, Hunter has come to realize Kayden is perfect for him. They’re meant to be, but her wariness to submit is going to make showing her they belong together even more difficult.

Bejeweled and Bedeviled is a fun, exciting read. The sex scenes are hot and intense. Hunter is sexy and knows exactly what Kayden wants and needs, even if she doesn't know it herself. Even though we spent more time in Kayden's point of view, I found Hunter easier to read and know. I felt her change of heart at the end was a little abrupt and would have liked more behind why she acted like she did, and then why she changed her mind. I can't wait to read another story from Tiffany Bryan.



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