Bedside Manner by Sophia Rae

The Wild Rose Press

Contemporary M/F

ISBN: 1-60154-281-X

Reviewed by Beth Anne



Sara Delaney, ER nurse, finds herself working so much and so often, that she doesn’t have time for a social life.  No time for romantic interludes, and she wonders if “her parts are still working” after three years.  Near the end of one of her exhausting shifts she is asked to evaluate a patient suffering from a bad allergic reaction.  The allergy patient turns out to be none other than ex-high school jock, lothario, Alex Conrad. He just happens to also be the young man who took Sara’s virginity. 

Sara at first doesn’t really want anything to do with Alex.  With determination and hot pursuit, Alex convinces Sara into a relationship of sorts and Sara only agrees after promising sex only and no commitments.  Beside Manner is a fun story, full of passionate and sexy encounters, over-protective brothers, and a fun twist to the high-school reunion type stories.  (the allergic reaction meeting was the best!)  Sex between Alex and Sara is hot, steamy, and proves Sara isn’t the only one with a great bedside manner.  Watching Alex and Sara fall in love as adults was exciting and a great addition to the Delany storyline, which was started with Sara’s brother Marcus and Sara’s best friend Chole, in A Stranger’s Bed



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