Bar Back by J.J. Massa

Torquere Press

Erotic Contemporary M/M

Reviewed by Nannette



The bar back is late. The bartender is impatient and annoyed with him. The bar is hopping and every time the bartender brushes past him he can tell the bar back is as excited for closing time as he is. At the end of the night after the bar has closed, the bartender asks for what heís wanted all night, and the bar back gives it to him, eagerly.

Bar Back is very hot. The bartender is commanding and in control and the bar back is very sweet and almost innocent. As much as I really liked Bar Back and the men, and the very hot sex, itís way too short. I think there is a good story behind the bar backís nervousness and there could be a lot more between them than just sex. Maybe they could get names too!   



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