Banking on Love by Nancy Lindquist

Lyrical Press

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 978-0-9817144-4-8

Reviewed by Tanya



Laid off, shorted on her last check, and with $10 left to her name, Amy Winters is about as broke as you can get.  But when a quirk of fate catches her eye and she has exactly $1 left, she buys a lottery ticket.  Interestingly enough on the way out of the store she runs into her old high school crush. Blake is back from Wall Street to take over the family bank. But, Amy is a little too rattled and brushes him off.

The next day fate will change Amyís life, maybe seeing Blake was meant to be. Since he decides to pursue the cute little blond he remembers from high school and he approaches her again.  Maybe they are meant to be together. But, Amy is no push over, especially with how fast her life is changing.  Will there be room for Blake?

Banking on Love is a cute and heart-warming story about a woman so down on her luck there isnít anywhere apparent lower for her to go.  Then it all changes around when she wins the lottery.  But the biggest win of all might just be that of the heart of her high school crush.  

I enjoyed Banking on Love mostly due to the wit of Ms. Lindquist, donít get me wrong it is a fun story line, as well as a well-written story but, I love her sassy heroines.  Amy is no exception to this phenomenon and even though she is down on her luck she doesnít give up.  I love the scenes with her and her ex.  I had a fun time dreaming of being the one to win in Amyís place and think you will also.  Have time for a fast paced happy story?  Then please add Banking on Love to your ďto be readĒ pile.



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