Bait Shop Blues by Nancy Pirri

Uncial Press

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60174-056-4

Reviewed by Tanya



Cassandra needs a break from her fast paced life in Chicago.  She had been planning on traveling to meet her grandfather in the wilds of Minnesota but, unfortunately she will arrive after his death.  But, now she finds herself part owner of a “Gift Shop” and cabin.  She is determined that she will spend enough time in the area to see if she wants to live there full time.  She has also taken a vow of chastity until she is married, after two times being jilted at the altar, or approaching the altar, at least.  Now, she is wondering about this vow when she sees Leif.  If only he wasn’t such a pig-headed jerk about her being there, she might give up her vow.

Leif is a man with a troubled past.  But, one thing is for certain he loved Roy and Roy returned the affection as if Leif was his own son, or grandson.  The one major thing that Leif seems to be is allergic to is change and that is all that city slicker Cassandra wants to do. In Leif’s mind, she wants to ruin Gateway.  If only she didn’t epitomize his fantasy woman in every way.  He does everything he can to try and send Cassandra away, including a wilderness challenge that might just cost them both more than they bargained for.

Who will win out in this battle of the sexes?  Will Leif realize what his life has been missing?  Will Cassandra step back enough to look at the big picture?

Bait Shop Blues is a funny look at a number of stereotypes, first being that all blonds are dumb, especially if they look like Marilyn Monroe.   The second is that all city folks want to forever live in a city and are unable to take things a little slower.  While these two ideas are a constant thread throughout the overall story there is a lot of fun and laughter along the way.  If you keep in mind that most women are more stubborn than men then many of the scenes are of no surprise to you but, they will make you laugh out loud and think about how you would handle the situation.  I was a little surprised about the scenes that led up to the final ending but overall I felt the book was a strong offering.  I think you will enjoy this step into the land of 1000 lakes and Bait Shop Blues.



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