A Twisted Bardís Tale by Selena Kitt

eXcessica Publishing

Historical Romance

Reviewed by Chris



Like Shakespeare? Ever wonder what started the feud between the Capulets and the Montagues? Selena Kitt offers one possible answer in this very short tale of lesbian love.

Both wed to older men, Lady Elizabeth Capulet and Lady Catherine Montague find in each otherís arms what they lack in their husbandsí embraces. Lady Capuletís nurse shares their secret.

I wish I could expound on this plot line, but being that the story is about twelve pages, that pretty much sums it up. A Twisted Bardís Tale presents an entertaining snapshot between two well-known (and yet apparently not) Shakespearean characters. Being a Shakespeare fan, I loved the naughtiness this possible plot line presents. However, I was disappointed in the storyís length. I would have liked to have seen it woven through the actual Romeo and Juliet plotline and continue perhaps past the young loversí deaths. All in all, itís an okay read and at ninety-nine cents, it's considerably cheaper than renting a dirty video (although I doubt I'd hurry out to purchase this tale on its own...).


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