A Song of the Sidhe by Jeanne Barrack

Liquid Silver Books

Erotic Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-59578-493-3

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Donal Bawn is a lusty man, full of life and song, as well as full of himself. He loves women and makes no bones about loving them and then leaving them heartbroken. After one such encounter, however, Donal angers a god and is cursed to roam the earth until he can find one woman who will love him despite his cursed body and voice.

Ceoleen is beautiful and knows it. Used to getting her own way, she thinks nothing of using people and breaking hearts. On one such day, however, she goes too far and angers a god. The god curses Ceoleen to live out the rest of her life blind and in a fairy ring high on a mountain until such a man comes and finishes the words to the one phrase that Ceoleen is doomed to sing over and over.

Three hundred years later, Donal Bawn comes across Ceoleen and hears her voice singing the same song over and over without completion. Finishing the song for Ceoleen, Donal falls instantly in love with the blind woman, and Ceoleen falls in love with Donal as well. Knowing that their love is doomed because of what he is, Donal vows to cherish the time they spend together. However, forces are working against them. Will Donal and Ceoleen continue to love each other despite godly interference or will they be cursed forever?

A Song of the Sidhe by Jeanne Barrack is different from what I usually read. I thought it well written and it held my attention, most of the time. I had a difficult time understanding some of the fantasy situations, especially when foreign words were used. At times I was also confused as to who was angry with Ceoleen and Donal and why. However, as I continued to read, things became clearer and I found myself enjoying A Song of the Sidhe. I didnít like Donalís character prior to the curse, but he learned his lesson and I thought him a most wonderful hero. As for Ceoleen, she angered me when she realized what Donal was and I had a hard time feeling sorry for her.

A Song of the Sidhe by Jeanne Barrack was an enjoyable read. I am sure fans of fantasy storylines will feel the same way. If you are a fan of erotic fantasy, then A Song of the Sidhe by Jeanne Barrack just might be the book for you!



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