A Sigh of Love by Bess McBride

The Wild Rose Press

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 1-60154-177-5

Reviewed by Tanya



Abbie has been divorced for years.  When she was left for a younger woman she moved her kids from Alaska to Washington to be near family.  Now she is on a trip back.  It was supposed to be a trip to meet a man (a cousin of a friend) she had been corresponding with on the internet and phone.  But, after she gets her non-refundable tickets the guy breaks it off with her.  But, she decides to embark on the adventure anyways.  So she heads off to visit places from her memories.  She is definitely having a good time on the plane, the gorgeous guy next to her seems to be interested in her, but she is so long out of the dating game she is not sure.  In the end she figures he is just being friendly but does agree to a date to go to the state fair with him.

Tom is a college professor and like Abbie is divorced.  He can’t believe his luck he is sitting next to a woman who he finds not only interesting, sweet but, highly attractive.  Not wanting to be pushy and not being sure of why she is really in Alaska, he takes it slow but, decides that he has to ask her out.

Will these two very shy people be able to “come together” and let nature take it’s course?  Or will their insecurities and “jumping to conclusions” cause them to miss the caring hearts each has?

Sigh, that is the first though when I think of A Sigh of Love.  I love the setting as well as the characters and their interactions.  I think the look into the minds of the main characters that Ms. McBride gave us is what would be going through many peoples minds and completely intriguing.  The backdrop and scenery were well added into the story, so that it added to it, and didn’t take away from the characters.  I thoroughly enjoyed A Sigh of Love and came away smiling. (And hoping that George gets his comeuppance at least in her mind)



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