An Everlasting Love by Anna Volk

The Dark Castle Lords

Erotic Western Historical Romance

ISBN 978-1-921347-56-6

Reviewed by Nannette



Rory Holloway went away for two years to search for cattle, leaving his stepsister Salina Houston behind. Word has gotten to him that his stepfather Silas is ill so Rory hurry backs home. Once there, Rory decides itís time to tell Salina his true feelings for her. He wants her for his wife.

Josh Randall is another rancher. He wants Salina for his wife too. Her beauty entrances him and her familyís ranch entices him. When Josh needs a womanís touch he goes into town and spends time with a whore named Raven Walker. Heís abusive and cruel to her. Michael Little Fox has seen Raven hurt too many times at Joshís hands so he takes Raven away and makes her his bride.

As the two couples try to form a life together, Josh is planning his revenge. He wonít stop until heís made Rory and Michael pay for taking what he believes belonged to him.

Rory and Michael are true heroes in An Everlasting Love. Salina is sweet and sexy and Rory is kind and loving toward her. Raven is a lovely woman who was forced into a life she didnít want.  Michael is very good to her - heís her knight in shining armor. Josh is a great villain. Heís merciless and cowardly. An Everlasting Love lacks some depth. The dialog comes across as somewhat contrived, but itís a good story with lots of angst, romance, and sex.



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