Amethyst Tryst by Alexis Canto

Ellora's Cave

Paranormal, Contemporary, Romance

ISBN: 9781419914461

Reviewed by Erys



A psychic healer, Celeste has met all types of people, but none who affect her the way Paul does. In the process of helping him stop his terrible nightmares, Celeste discovers a past life and a possible future. But can Paul let go of his doubts and beliefs to give her and their love a chance?

Amethyst Tryst is a fun story about a second chance at love—even if it's in a different lifetime. From the beginning, Paul challenges Celeste, her beliefs, and her business practice. I liked that this wasn't a story that had easy fixes. Real people have to work at solutions, and they did, too. I also enjoyed seeing their past lives, at least a few of them, and understanding how they fell in love not only the first time, but this time, too.



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