Released March 4, 2008


A Fiend in Need by Maureen Child

NAL Trade


ISBN: 0451223071

Reviewed by Emma



After a busy month of being her town’s demon killer, putting up with her ex-lover moving back to town, and dating a sexy demon, Cassie Burke’s life does not seem to be slowing down. In fact, it is only getting worse. With her daughter being a classic teenager, the sudden knowledge of the price that is now on her head, The Demon Queen planning to have her killed and, of course, the faery hunk that has appeared at her door, slowing down is definitely not in the cards.

A Fiend in Need is an enjoyable, paranormal romp with plenty of giggles and moments of angst. Ms. Child’s characters are well developed and believable, and the humor is just the perfect mix. At the end, this reader wanted a Faery of her very own and the ability to kick demon butt.


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