A Corner of My Soul by Caitlyn Willows

Amber Heat

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60272-254-5

Reviewed by Chris



FBI profiler Doug Carlyle excels at his job. Most of his coworkers don’t know he can actually see inside the minds of the bad guys and hear their thoughts. The “sight,” as it’s called, is a gift his entire family possesses. When it becomes too burdensome, he retreats to his family’s lakeside mountain cabin to clear his head.

FBI Agent Natalie Gray is aware of and accepts Doug’s gift. She also has the hots for him, though it’s not something either of them have acted upon…yet. When she discovers that the people who were involved with the Stephen Harcourt case Doug worked on, including the prosecutor and the judge, are being murdered, she heads to his cabin to protect him.

Stephen Harcourt, himself, was murdered in prison. That leaves his younger brother, Josiah, as a prime suspect. The boy has slipped under the FBI’s radar, though, and vanished. As Doug is examining the papers Natalie brought, he realizes the killer has been forcing the victims to watch what they value most be tortured and killed first.

What neither Doug nor Natalie know is that their mutual attraction is apparent to everyone, both the good and the bad.

A quick afternoon read, A Corner of My Soul, presents a common scenario that reminds me a lot of the cabin scene in Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner’s movie, The Bodyguard. Granted, this is a short story and it’s difficult to conceal killers and present probable motives in a limited number of words, but the killer is easily identifiable and the ending predictable. The sex scenes, however, are well written and if you are looking for a pleasurable fluffy read, you won’t be disappointed. Caitlyn Willows is also a pseudonym for the popular historical romance author Catherine Snodgrass.



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