Accidental Mates: Ryuu by Brenda Steele

Accidental Mates, Book Two

Amira Press

Futuristic Sci-Fi Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-934475-83-6

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Shannon Dorsey is a schoolteacher with psychic potential forced by the Drelconian elders to bond and mate with their lords.  The Drelconian females are all barren, leaving the males to choose fertile human women.  They want to use Shannon to produce a new form of hybrid dragon with psychic abilities, even if it means passing her around to all the lords.  When her powers are triggered by the Drelconians, Shannon begins to psychically visit Ryuu, the exiled leader of the silver dragons, in lucid dreams and bonds with him.  Ryuu is determined to claim her, even though it means risking his life.   Shannon is not capable of bonding with any of his brothers, nor does she want to after finding Ryuu.  Will Ryuu make it in time to claim and save Shannon? 

Remove the erotic sex from Accidental Mates: Ryuu, and this could almost be a young adult novel.   Plus the sex didn’t feel natural or real.  It felt like Shannon and Ryuu were being forced to be nasty.  This story is written in the first person perspective and the narrative and dialogue didn’t work either.

I didn’t care for Shannon.  She starts off as feisty but it’s all talk.  She’s placed in situations where she’s the damsel in distress and has to be rescued.  The one time she does act on her own makes her look stupid.  She never develops her abilities. Her constant teenaged comments on how “hot” the Drelconians are despite all being arrogant jerks made it harder to take her seriously since she’s in her early 30’s.  The more attractive female characters are not portrayed in a positive light by her.   Lastly, I found the bad Drelconians more credible than Ryuu.  He’s sexiest when he’s getting “cozy” with Shannon. 

Accidental Mates: Ryuu fell flat on characters, style and delivery.  Some scenes were unclear or were down right inconsistent.  For instance, one of Shannon’s student’s has silver eyes like Ryuu, but later on she says they are blue.  Another point is a scene where Shannon is being attacked and it’s not clear if she was actually assaulted or not. The only redeeming point is that this work can be read as a stand alone. By the time I finished the story, I wasn’t particularly interested in Shannon’s and Ryuu’s HEA.



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