About Too Close to the Sun by Willa Okati

Torquere Press

M/M Paranormal Fantasy

ISBN: 1-934166-10-3, 978-1-934166-10-9

Reviewed by Ley



Things went downhill quickly for ex-fireman Javier Tomas.  After an accident that left him with a bum leg and unable to perform his job, his lover walked out on him leaving Javier ‘Java’ alone and slipping into a lonely depression.  On his way home from picking up his disability check, which bruised his pride even more, Java came across a man perched on a ledge of a building intending to jump.  Java’s fireman instincts kick in and he seizes the opportunity to help someone else and he approaches Raine, the would be jumper, intending to save his life.  What Java, learns is Raine doesn’t need Java to save him; he needs Java to believe in him.

About Too Close To The Sun is a beautifully sweet story about believing in the unbelievable.  Java needed Raine’s magical touch and love to heal him physically and emotionally and Raine needed Java to help him fly.  In their short time together they made each other whole again.  For fans of Wiila Okati’s unusual creativity and imagination About Too Close To The Sun is a story you shouldn’t miss.


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