Wild by Noelle Mack
The Pack of St. James, Book 1
Erotic Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-0-7582-2275-6
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Kyril Taruskin is everything a woman would want and more.  He is handsome, well spoken, and sinfully sexy.  Underneath his polished exterior beats the heart of an alpha male and pack leader.  Sworn to protect the English Crown, he and his fellow pack members have traveled from their homeland searching for a treasure that was stolen.  It is here in England that Kyril meets Vivienne Sheridan, and despite his overwhelming desire for this beautiful woman, Kyril knows that in claiming her he marks her for the same deadly assassins that are stalking him and his familyís every move.

Vivienne Sheridan knows that there is more to Kyril than meets the eye.  Not a virgin by any means, she still is hesitant to take their relationship a step further.  That is until she thinks he might be in danger and then all bets are off.  When she inadvertently puts Kyril and his family at risk, Vivienne knows that she has made a mistake but she canít help being scared.  Hiding, she doesnít count on a certain man coming to claim what his inner wolf demands. 

Wild by Noelle Mack is a different look at wolf shape shifters; especially since this is a historical novel set in the early nineteenth century.  Then there is the fact that the pack in which Kyril leads is a Russian one.  All of these surprises lead to a very delightful and truly entertaining novel. I couldnít get enough of Kyrilís manliness or his kinsmenís playfulness.  I loved their interactions with each other and most especially I sat spellbound and watched Kyril and Vivienneís love story unfold. 

Wild by Noelle Mack is book one of a new series called The Pack of St. James.  The second installment, Wanton, is due in stores at the end of July and I have already pre-ordered my copy!


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