Where Have All the Cowboys Gone? by Kate Pearce
Virgin Cheek
ISBN: 978-0352341006
Reviewed by Shayna



After years of dealing with her controlling father, Lauren Redstone has reason to celebrate.  Having sealed the deal on her first big break for her retro prop company, Lauren’s celebration in Las Vegas with a bit too much champagne sends her tumbling into the arms of one utterly delicious cowboy.  For Lauren, a night of passion with a real cowboy has always been her most secret fantasy.  But fate has more in store for the beautiful businesswoman than she planned on.  An impulsive decision leads to a hasty marriage between the two lovers, and sends Lauren rabbitting the next morning.

Marriage may not have been in the plans for Grayson Turner, but for the gorgeous businessman-turned-rancher, it’s love at first sight.  Now he just has to convince his commitment-shy wife to feel the same, and he’ll use every sensual weapon in his arsenal to do so.  Will this sexy cowboy convince his wife to take a gamble on love?

If I had to pick only one word to describe Where Have All the Cowboys Gone? it would be “fresh.”  Simply fresh.  From the very beginning of the book, Kate Pearce took me on a fast-moving journey of two strangers, neither of whom had been looking for love, who are swept up in a whirlwind marriage.  I found Ms. Pearce’s book to be both sexy and utterly charming.  Lauren and Grayson are both endearing characters and I was highly entertained watching the two try and out-maneuver one another.  I felt connected to them both, and understood where both sides were coming from as they tried to figure out if their marriage could last.  Even as the hero and heroine steam up the page, I never lost sight of the growing emotional bond between the two.  I found myself rapidly turning the page in the wee hours of the morning, desperate to see if Lauren and Grayson would be able to make their marriage last.

Like a cool breeze in the heat of summer, Ms. Pearce has a fresh voice and a knack for creating intriguing, likeable characters.  Where Have All the Cowboys Gone? is guaranteed to quicken the pulse, charm the reader, and bring a smile to your face; it sure did for me.


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