Untouchable by Linda Winstead Jones

The Emperor’s Brides, Book 1

Berkley Sensation


ISBN: 978-0-425-22296-6

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Prince Alix is the younger twin by mere minutes and as such is not the Emperor.  His twin, Jahn, currently holds that immense title and Alix does not covet his position at all – well, most of the time he doesn’t.  Only when Alix’s darker side makes an appearance does he covet his brother’s position but Alix is usually able to keep the darkness at bay.  No matter what, Alix is supportive of Jahn and because of this he has been given the task of traveling to another kingdom and escorting a bridal candidate back to the palace.

Having arrived at his destination, Alix does not envy his brother at all.  The princess he is to escort to Jahn is a complete shrew and Alix knows that the trip home will seem endless.  The night before their departure, Alix is struck speechless at the woman who is given to his brother as a gift.  Not only is she beautiful and regal but she is painted the color blue.

Sanura is an Agnese woman and she knows it is her duty to serve the man to whom she has been given.  As a safeguard, she daily applies powder to keep her skin blue and has two bodyguards with the order to execute anyone that touches her other than the man that owns her.  Sanura has never despised her duty but she finds that with the more time she spends in Alix’s company the more she desires him.  However, she is Untouchable. 

Untouchable by Linda Winstead Jones is a sweeping saga of dark desires, hidden agendas, and yearning emotions.  Alix struggled with desiring Sanura.  He knew his duty and his duty did not include taking a woman meant for his twin.  Sanura fought her feelings just as much because she knows all about duty; it has been ingrained in her since she was born.  Add in acts of murder and blatant lies and Untouchable becomes a magnificent read.  I look forward to the next installment, Unforgettable. 


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