Unlaced by Jaci Burton, Jasmine Haynes,
Joey Hill and Denise Rossetti

Berkley Heat


ISBN: 978-0425223819

Reviewed by Jo



The Ties that Bind by Jaci Burton

Lisa Mitchell is a critical care nurse whose daughter has just graduated from high school and is planning out her life.  This means that Lisa is now in a place where her life can change from being mainly a Mom to being mainly Lisa now.  However this also means that her main connection to her ex-husband, Rick Mitchell, is also coming to an end. Lisa is not sure that even now she is ready to lose her connection to him.  When Lisaís best friend and her daughter talk her into taking a Caribbean vacation as the first step in her new life, Lisa agrees.  Rick agrees to his daughterís crazy suggestion in hopes that he and Lisa can just maybe start again.  Lisa and Rick take it day by day, finding out if their love has not only stayed around but just possibly grown with them.

The Ties that Bind was both hot and sweet.  Lisa and Rick married very young with Lisa got pregnant.  Even when the marriage ended, both of them were determined to give their daughter everything they could and remained close friends.  Now its time to see if anything still exists between them.  I loved both Lisa and Rick from the beginning.   Young couples having to get married is common and so is the marriages breaking up, but it is rare that they not only remain friends but work hard together to support they child.  I also loved that in The Ties that Bind Ms. Burton showed that your life does not end when your children are born and grow up.  The Ties that Bind is a fantastic beginning to an anthology that I have a feeling is going to be smoking.


Undone by Jasime Haynes

Margo Faraday is a mortgage broker, who after a bad breakup is looking for a way to explore herself and her sensual self.  When seeing a flyer at her friendís house, Margo thinks she just might have found a way.  Dick Araman is an amateur photographer who is looking for some models to help him prepare for an erotic photo contest he wants to enter.  After the both agree to terms, Margo goes to Dickís for an erotic night neither expected.  Now the photo shoot is done and they had agreed to only one night, but what happens when neither seems to want their night to end?  Can a businesswoman and a younger man with a secret of his own find a way to overcome society and take what they want?

Undone took me by surprised in a great way.  After reading the first few pages, I would have never expected just how erotic and loving Margo and Dickís story could be.  Their photo shoot was much more than just erotic; it was warm, tender and loving even between two people who had just met.  I could understand Margoís thoughts but I was so happy when she decided to heck with what others might think.  All I could do was giggle when I found out exactly what Dick did while working on his photography.  I found that Margo and Dick were a great couple and was very, very happy they found their happy ever after.  Undone shows that younger men can be just what the doctor ordered and continues that very warm and tingly feeling.


Controlled Response by Joey Hill

Out for a day of relaxation, Lucas Adler, the CFO of Kensington & Associates, finds much more than he expected in a semi-naked blond stretched out on a Harley pleasing herself.  Unable to help himself, first he watches then joins the unknown woman.  Cassandra Moira, a negotiations specialist from Pickard Consulting, has more responsibilities than most woman of her age.  Now she has been brought into finish business negotiations between a client and Kensington & Associates.  Cassandra is known for being a person who gets what her clients want, but she is not expecting to walk into the conference room and face the man she met in the woods the week before.  Lucas is not going to let Cassandra leave him again; he knows what she needs but has to get her to accept it, and him, into her life.  All is fair in love and war and in this case both might be the case before Cassandra and Lucas can have it all.

Controlled Response relates just what can happen when you keep your entire life under control.  Cassandra has learned to keep herself under strict control in all aspects.  It is the only way she can let herself function with all the demands on her.  Lucas finds the woman who might be just what he needs, but he doesnít know who she is.  Until Cassandra walks in and he puts two and two together.  Now business negotiations are not the main thing on Lucasí mind, but rather the personal ones that will keep Cassandra with him forever.  Lucas and Cassandra had me from when they first met.  Sometimes in order to control other things, you have to find the one person who can control you, and in this case Cassandra discovered Lucas and found that.  Controlled Response takes you on an erotic journey of discovery and ends up with a loving ending.


Rubies and Black Velvet by Denise Rossetti

John Lammas is a simple farmer who canít wait until he can wed his Margaret May Mackie.  ďHis MaggieĒ can make John feel loved even at his darkest moments.  However, before they can be together, family circumstances are such that John must leave their village and come back.  Maggie waits but John never returns.  When she must leave her family farm, Maggie seeks out John only to discover he was lost at sea.  But was he?  Maggie is dumbfounded when John appears at her place of work and she learns what really happened to him.  When they spend a special day together, Maggie decides to wear a gorgeous corset that she found in a co-workerís effects.  But the corset seems to have a life of its own and only Maggie and John working together will be able to overcome a deadly curse.

Rubies and Black Velvet is a tale of love overcoming evil.  Maggie and John were separated by things not of their control and are then separated for years and by evil. 

When they finally come back together they are confronted by not only by a slight bit of mistrust but also by an evil that seeks to destroy Maggie.  John is not going to lose his Maggie again and together they find a solution.  While a dark love story, the paranormal element was a bit of a twist for the historical story.  For me, Rubies and Black Velvet just didnít have the same type of flow as the other stories in this anthology but it was not a bad story.


Unlaced was almost too hot to be read from start to finish.  I had a feeling where this anthology was going to be when I finished with Ms. Burtonís story and I was pretty close.  I was blown away by three of the stories which more than made up for the one that just didnít fit for me.  These stories are smoking hot but they also have many warm and heart-felt elements that make them much better in my opinion.  I am usually happy for one great story and one good story in any anthology I get; in this case I found three outstanding ones.  Never will I purchase a corset the same way again.  I suggest a very comfy chair and a glass of your favorite beverage of choice, as you wonít want to put this book down.  If you donít get undone, unwrapped and Unlaced by this anthology, I will be greatly surprised.   I think this will be a must have for your erotic library.


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