Under Darkness by Savannah Russe
The Darkwing Chronicles, Book 5
Signet Eclipse
ISBN-10: 0451223853
ISBN-13: 978-0451223852
Reviewed by Jo



Daphne Urban is back and once again facing danger, but what can you expect when you are part of an ultra-secret spy group that is composed of vampires?  This time Daphne and her fellow Darkwings are on the tracks of a terrorist group who have discovered the secret of an old wartime experiment, which they are going to use to destroy part of New York.  So with little to nothing to go on, the Darkwings are out to find and destroy the terrorist plot.

Just so Daphne canít get too bored with life, she also has to deal with a bunch of vampire hunters that have flooded into the city and have seemed to target her along with several others.  This group seems to have something to do with an old enemy that Daphne thought they had declawed.  It also seems to have brought in the love of her life, Darius della Chiesa, who is a spy himself but for another agency and a new vampire. 

Daphne knows that no one can understand her feelings for Darius and most of her friends and family would rather stake him first and ask questions later.  However, when Daphne and Darius get back together they are hotter than ever.  Danger comes for Daphne and Darius from several angles and Daphne needs to not only decide if she can trust Darius but also make decisions that could change her life.

Under Darkness is Book Five in the Darkwing Chronicles that has yet another mystery for Daphne and the other Darkwings to solve and make sure they are not found out about.  This time Daphne not only has to come to grips with some things that happened to her on the last mission but she will also have to confront her obsession with Darius and how he is thought of by others near her.  I have come to love several of the Darkwings and I have been pushing for Daphne to get her man from the very beginning.  Once again I was sucked in by the danger, mystery, suspense, hot sex and just the relationships that intermix with the Darkwing members.  I will say that Daphne and Darius have not yet obtained their happily ever after, but they made a major step towards it this time.  Under Darkness once again shows me why I have the Darkwing Chronicles on my must read list as soon as they come out. 

You do not have to read the chronicles in order, but I would suggest it, as there are several places where things that happened in previous books are brought up. 


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