To Wed A Highlander by Michele Sinclair
ISBN: 978-1-4201-0014-3
Reviewer: Melissa



The youngest daughter of Dunstan Laird, Makenna has always been allowed to run free. She trained with her father’s men and generally ignored the training that a Lady needs in order to run her home. So, when her sister passes away, she’s stunned to discover that her father expects her to marry her sister’s widower, the man who her father has chosen as his successor. Colin McTierney never intends to risk his heart again after the death of his beloved wife but he wants to hold on to his lands and all the work he’s put into protecting the Dunstan Clan. He agrees to marry Makenna knowing that her wildness is something that he will have to put a stop to. But once they are wed, Makenna’s father’s death allows traitors who would rather not see a McTierney holding Dunstan lands to move against Makenna and Colin. While danger surrounds them they find their marriage of convenience turning into something deeper than either of them ever expected.

To Wed A Highlander caught me from page one and I found myself staying awake reading it until late, unable to stop until I found out what happened to Colin and Makenna. I found the whole “he was married to my sister” a little, for lack of a better word, uncomfortable. So in all honesty I have to say that if not for that, To Wed A Highlander would be on my list of recommended reads for this month…it was that good. Michele Sinclair is definitely an author to watch when it comes to historical romances.


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