To Tempt A Scotsman by Victoria Dahl
Zebra Historical Romance
ISBN-13: 978-1-4201-0015-0
Reviewed by Tori



Lady Alexandra Huntington exiled herself after being caught up in an embarrassing scandal that ended with the death of a good friend.   When her friendís brother, the handsome Collin Blackburn, comes knocking on her door for answers, her quiet, though unconventional, life changes its course.

Collin Blackburn promised his father that he would investigate the death of his brother.   Despite the rumors that circle Alex, Collin begins to suspect that she is more innocent than she seems.  While Collin plans to teach her about passion, Alex teaches him about trust and deep love.

To Tempt a Scotsman was a sexy read, though at times I wanted to beat up Collin.  He turns very jealous after a key point in the book.  Alex is an interesting woman with forward ideas, and surprisingly she does not pout at every slight. When she finally does stand up for herself I was pleased.  I enjoyed this book very much despite the heroís pouting and whining.


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