The Redeeming by Jennifer Ashley

Immortals, Book 5

Love Spell


ISBN-10: 0505527456

ISBN-13: 978-0505527455

Reviewed by Jo



Tain is learning to deal with the last 700 years of his life and his captivity.  Especially the way it turned his thinking around and made him insane.  However when things got very bad, Tain remembered that one woman risked it all to help him and his brothers.  Now he has come to see her again, even it Tain doesnít want to admit that even to himself.

Samantha was raised human, but she is half demon and all cop.  She is a member of the LAPD and has worked hard for her position.  Back on duty after her time off to help out before, Samantha is working on a drug investigation in a demon club and hoping for a bust soon.  That night Tain walks back into Samanthaís life and immediately things start to happen.

What begins as a drug investigation quickly turns into much more including kidnapping, clan wars and murder.  Samantha and Tain work together to discover who or what is behind everything, while trying to avoid the danger that is everywhere.  Samanthaís life is being turned upside down and her rock is Tain. He is beginning to show Samantha that being a demon isnít all that bad.  Samantha and Tain both end up facing deadly foes and itís going to take all the love and trust they have to come out the other side alive. 

The Redeeming is the long awaited story of Tain, the brother who was lost to the Immortals.  Now back and mostly sane, Tain is trying to find out where he fits into todayís world.  Samantha would love to show Tain exactly where she wants him to fit in, but when her life is turned upside down, Samantha doesnít know how it will affect them.  I have hoped for Tainís story ever since he was rescued and hoped that his ending was going to be a good one.  I felt that both Tain and Samantha had things to learn and accept along the way, but the ending was all that I could have hoped for them.  I was surprised when the dust settled on who exactly was behind the various parts of this investigation.  The Redeeming is a must read for anyone who followed the previous four books in this series.   

While not totally necessary, I would suggest reading the Immortals Series in order so that you can grasp all the plot points.


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