The Rancherís Family Thanksgiving by Cathy Gillen Thacker

Texas Legacies: The Carrigans, Book 2



ISBN 10: 0-373-75185-0

ISBN 13: 978-0-373-75185-3

Reviewed by Emma



Susie Carrigan does not want to marry. Unfortunately, her mother has decided to help her find a husband. Susie has no choice but to make a deal. She will do whatever it takes to get out of marrying just anyone. So Susie turns to her best friend, Tyler McCabe, for help.

Tyler McCabe will do what needs to be done to help his best friend. He just did not realize that he would end up placing his own heart on the line. Knowing that he canít let anyone else marry Susie, can Tyler make Susie realize she needs him, and only him?

The Rancherís Family Thanksgiving is a story of going forward in life, of realizing that beliefs you have from situations in the past are not always as insurmountable as you thought they would be. Ms. Thackerís characters are well-drawn and the background characters add a dose of reality, in that the reader can see family members in their own life, and situations that come up for us all. A very charming story.


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