The Forever Summer by Suzanne Macpherson


Contemporary Romance

ISBN-10: 0061161268

ISBN-13: 978-0061161261

Reviewed by Emma



Lila Abbott has some decisions to make regarding her life. Her daughter has started college far away from home. Her best friend has left on a trip to Canada. Emily Ruth Griffin, one of the local residents drops dead from a sample from her demo tray. Too bad Emily won’t leave Lila alone. Falling for Emily’s ex-husband, Lucas, just compounds the trouble in Lila’s life. Not exactly a normal summer.

Lucas Griffin is sexy, smart and the late Emily’s brother-in-law and her ex-husband. He is the first person questioned when Emily dies and he is not shy about his distaste of Emily and her life. Falling for Lila is not smart but that is not going to stop him from doing it.

The Forever Summer is a read-in-one-sitting book.  Ms. McPherson has the ability to draw the reader in, giving them all the details they need to figure out the plot but still throw in a verbal wrench to make them go aah. I found myself thoroughly entranced and quite happy to put my feet up and just enjoy the mood created by Ms. McPherson. A wonderful read.


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