The Crossing by Joy Nash

Immortals, Book 6

Love Spell


ISBN 10: 0505527677

ISBN-13: 978-0505527677

Reviewed by Jo




Artemis Black has a very magical background which has led to her being able to hold and use both black and life magic together.  For a while Artemis was in the military and because of her strong magic, she was a member of the Psych Ops unit.  Now she is a civilian and has to undertake the most serious mission of her life Ė to save an innocent soul.  Even if it means having to do something Artemis would normally never consider.

Manannaīn mac Lir (Mac Lir) is half god and half Sidhe and a world-renowned musician.  He is also the Guardian of Celtic Magical Creatures in the Human World, a position he takes very seriously.  When Mac is alerted of an odd type of magic that is taking life essence from his people, he is on the job to find and stop this person.  Mac recently had experience in dealing with the blackest of magic while helping the Immortals defeat an old one.  So it is easy for him to locate the trail of magic that harmed the village. 

Mac and Artemis first come to meet and it isnít totally pretty (although the sparks of another type fly) but their meeting is interrupted by a mob of Macís fans.  Mac knows what Artemis has done, but he canít get it to add up to what he feels about her and tries to draw her out to find a reason for her actions.  Artemis has little time to complete her mission and she canít afford to tell Mac anything.  When the Sidhe Council get involved and Artemis has to make an instant and drastic decision, both she and Mac begin a journey that is destined to changes their lives Ė the question is will that change be good or not?

The Crossing is the story of one of the last characters that was involved in the saving of an Immortal brother.  Mac Lir risked a lot to help friends and has discovered that it changed him some.  However it has not and will not stop him from fulfilling his duties.  Artemis discovered the hard way that once you call a demon, even for the right reasons, it can come back to hurt you much later.  Together, Mac and Artemis have to come to terms with not only their feelings for each other but also the fact they have to work to free innocent and some not so innocent souls.  I had wondered what, if anything, had happened to Mac after that last battle and I was happy to see that he ended up gaining what he had wanted for so long.  Mac and Artemis are an unusual magical couple and I was surprised to see that both figured out that sometimes the correct answer is gray.  I have had, and Iím sure you have too, some dates from hell, but Ms. Nash took it to the extreme in The Crossing. 

The Crossing takes a slight humorist angle on a story that could have been pretty dark.  Anyone who has been following the Immortal Series and wondered about Mac will need and want to read his story.


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