The Accidental Demon Slayer by Angie Fox
Love Spell
ISBN: 978-0-505-52769-1
Reviewed by Jo



It’s Lizzie Brown’s 30th birthday and she is really looking forward to spending the night with friends and a certain guy that is showing up.  However, what she gets is an unknown grandmother, who’s a biker, a demon in her toilet who is tossing poison at her and her dog is suddenly speaking to her.  If that isn’t enough to overload her, she meets Dimitri Kallinikos that night.  He’s a sexy and handsome shape-shifting griffin who says he’s her protector.

Lizzie soon discovers that there is a whole lot about her family’s past that she has to discover and learn to control in a hurry.  On the run, Lizzie meets the rest of her grandmother’s coven, yep a grandmother biker coven, and finds out that Dimitri has not been totally honest with her.  Lizzie’s only hope to make everything right is to go to the underworld and fight a demon – gulp.

The Accidental Demon Slayer is a humorous romp while Lizzie learns her heritage.  Lizzie’s life has suddenly becomes a beginner’s guide into the paranormal and is funny and at times silly.  There were many times that I felt as lost as Lizzie and other times when I wished Lizzie would just stand up for herself.  In the end, however, Lizzie gets a handle on the world she is suddenly thrust into and shows just what she can do.  I found The Accidental Demon Slayer to be a light hearted, fun and silly story that can help you escape during a long summer afternoon.


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