Some Like It wicked by Teresa Medeiros
Sensual Historical
ISBN: 978-0-06-123535-1
Reviewed by Nannette



Catriona Kincaid first saw Simon Wescott at sixteen when she spied him seducing her cousin Alice. Five years later, Catriona meets Simon again when she visits him in Newgate Prison. Catriona needs a husband before her Uncle Ross marries her off. In an effort to stop Catriona from searching for her bother Connor in the Highlands, Uncle Ross has doubled Catriona’s dowry and plans to wed her to the first man he can. The Marquesse of Eddingham plans to take advantage of Catriona‘s plight by marrying her then ridding himself and his land of her Scottish family.  Desperate, and secretly in love with Simon since the day she met him, Catriona turns to him for help. Although Simon is a well-known rake and scoundrel he has never forgotten his brief and memorable meeting with Catriona, so when she asks for his help, sweetening the pot with money, he agrees but plans to flee when his duty is done. He was not counting on his feelings growing for her. As Catriona and Simon journey through the Highlands they both learn a few lessons, maybe the most important being true love conquers all.

Some Like It Wicked is a romance full of sensuality and angst. When I wasn’t angry and frustrated with Simon I wanted to hug him. A very tender hearted man hides behind an abundance of sex appeal and roguish charm. Catriona is lovely, both inside and out.  She is brave, strong, and courageous.  Some Like It Wicked ends with heart- warming drama and excitement as well as the promise of Connor’s story. I can’t wait to about him and the woman who tames him!


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