Show No Mercy by Cindy Gerard
Sensual Suspense
ISBN: 978-1-4165-6672-4
Reviewed by Nannette



Gabriel Jones was a member of a secretive special ops unit that only the President and a few others knew existed until his commanding officer, Captain Nathan Louis Black retired and started his own special ops unit- Black Ops, Inc. Gabe rescued journalist Jenna McMillan in Argentina when she was kidnapped while working on a story. Jenna has never been the same. Her abduction, then the kiss she shared with Gabe after her rescue, changed her. Nine months later, Jenna is still licking her wounds on her familyís ranch when she decides to take her life back. Sheís sent to Argentina again to write a story on rich and possibly shady entrepreneur, Emilio Maxim.  Jenna isnít in Argentina long when Gabe saves her life again. Thrown into a battle they werenít expecting, Gabe, Jenna, and the rest of the B.O.I team are trying to figure out whatís going on while attempting to stay one step ahead of the bad guys. Jenna is falling hard for Gabe but Gabeís built a seemingly impenetrable wall around his heart. While they fight to stop a madman, Jenna fights to win the heart of the man sheís fallen in love with. 

Show No Mercy has it all: a scarred hero, a courageous heroine, and enough thrills and chills to fill every page. The things Gabe has seen and done have left him a tortured soul. It takes him a long angst-filled time to see that Jenna can heal him. Gabeís brooding, no-nonsense attitude and his intense good looks make him irresistible.  Jenna is one tough chick. She wears her heart on her sleeve and had me cheering for her the whole time. Adrenaline pumping action, heartbreaking drama, a psychotic villain with his graphic tortures, and sizzling passion, fill the pages of Show No Mercy. Itís fantastic! I canít wait to see what kind of trouble the rest of the men of Black Ops, Inc. get into!


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