Shifting Again by Cat Zheng, Sara Bell, A. Steele, Sean Michael, Camilla Bruce, Angel, Kara Larson, BA Tortuga
Torquere Books
Erotic Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-1-934166-23-9
Reviewed by Erys



“Hide” by Cat Zheng

War isn’t fun. It’s even less fun when you are fighting primitive creatures that are part animal, part human. If there is any human left in them. Vonne and Hewitt are two soldiers who don’t believe in leaving a man behind, and both will do whatever they can to save their fellow soldiers. Even if it means putting themselves at risk, or coming face to face with the enemy.

Hide is a dark tale of violence and love that will leave you thinking about the tale for a few days after you’ve finished it. Love that is stronger than anything, and a will to survive to be with your lover are two things that made this story stand out in my mind. Hide is a great start to this anthology.


“Rescuing Ryan” by Sara Bell

Ryan needs quiet. He wants time alone to think and heal –both mentally and physically. His family’s concerns because of his bad leg are understandable, but they needed to realize he can still take care of himself. Hearing a strange voice in his head is the least of his worries when he finds an injured wolf on the forest path. An injured wolf that somehow becomes a tempting man.

Rescuing Ryan is a sweet story with plenty of danger and violence, and love that struggles to survive all odds. Finding a shape-shifter in your backyard can’t be easy for anyone. To find one who hates humans yet arouses you more than any other man has must increase that confusion at least tenfold. I enjoyed this love story very much.


“Who Will Know?” by A. Steele

An interesting tale with an unusual shape-shifter, this story features Prometheus and Antok, an eagle shape-shifter.

Filled with sexual tension, Who Will Know? is a story that will keep you reading to find out if Antok will give in to Prometheus, or if today will be a repeat of every other day. An eternity of never being able to orgasm. While not a traditional love story, I found this tale captivating.


“The Lost Tiger” by Sean Michael

Torao has finally escaped from captivity, and he’ll do anything he can to stay a free man. Anything. When he meets Greyson he discovers that not all men are the same. This one gives him hope. But will it be enough when The Keeper comes close to finding him?

The Lost Tiger was a unique story about a tiger shifter and a world that isn’t very nice to it’s inhabitants. Or perhaps the inhabitants who aren’t very nice to it. I did not enjoy this story because I could not stop thinking of Torao as a child, and Greyson as a man. Torao’s thoughts, words, and actions are childish and I was unable to enjoy the intimacy in this story as a result. I understand he’d been in captivity for years, but I don’t know what his actual age is, and even if I had known, his thoughts and speech still would have kept me from enjoying the intimate scenes. The story is well written, and the world one that is in depth and realistic. I’m only sorry I couldn’t enjoy the story in its entirety.


“Plums” by Camilla Bruce

A young man has devoted his life to ferrying the dead down river to the graveyard. It’s a lonely life, but then he was born for it. He enjoys solitude, and the peace of the river. He even loves the ravens, especially the one he has befriended. When the raven hasn’t returned after the plums have bloomed again, Simon has trouble remembering that it’s just a bird, and not a human. But then the raven returns, and the priest’s omens of Simon’s death begin to worry him.

Plums is an interesting story with a story line that is winding and slow like the river Simon ferries the dead on. Not that it reads slow, but that there is no hurry to finish this tale. I enjoyed the camaraderie between Simon and the raven, but wasn’t surprised like he was to find out his Raven was indeed special.


“Singing Up The Moon” by Angel

This story is about young lovers and old, family feuds, and a quest for a place where lovers of the same sex don’t have to hide their relationships.

Singing Up The Moon was an interesting take on pack dynamics and what happens when new wolves come on the scene, and sexual preferences become challenged. The alternating between two sets of couples in a story this length, made it so that by the time I’d met the one pair, then I was put into the other’s story and then when I became engrossed in that one I was put into the other. I didn’t enjoy the ending of the story, but the tale was well written and the romances sweet.


“Seal Skin” by Kara Larson

When a Widower finds a seal on the beach that turns into a human, he does what anyone else would have done. He grabs the selkie’s skin and runs as fast as he can. When he reaches his home, he hides it somewhere he thinks the selkie will never find it. What’s a man who’s only known the love of a woman to do once he’s made the decision not to release the very male selkie?

Seal Skin is a sweet story about finding love again. I didn’t really feel an emotional development between the two until near the end of the book, so their decision to become lovers took me by surprise. I hadn’t sensed sensual tension between the two. The story did leave me wondering about their future.


“Alpha” by BA Tortuga

When Roman returns to his den and finds a cub has claimed it, he’s pissed. Both for the loss of the friend he’d left guarding the den, and because the damned cub keeps claiming the den is his.

Alpha is full of sensual tension and action. Roman and Cage strike sparks off each other, and enjoy doing it. There were some tense spots in this story, but the end more than made up for the journey to get there.


Shifting Again is a compilation of unique twister tales. This anthology is not for the faint of heart. Most of the stories contain violence that could be disturbing to some, but many of them also have sweet love tales and hot sex scenes. If blood and gore doesn’t bother you, then you may enjoy these stories.


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